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What’s the best flat iron in 2018? If this question has been on your mind, perhaps you might want to know that the HSI Professional E038 has scored high in our books as we’ve taken the time to look at the consumer reports gathered by the unit, as well as its sales figures, and the value it offers for the money. The model offers all the advantages of infrared heat technology, which means that your locks will turn out looking and feeling great without you having to worry about ever damaging them. Plus, this model takes the cake when it comes to usability as it has been outfitted with a 360-degree swivel cord that enables it to withstand the test of time. What’s more, an argan oil leave-in treatment is part of the deal with the product so that you can get even more value for the money. In case the HSI Professional E038 is out of stock, be sure to give the Remington S5500 a chance as it’s the second best option.



Product Comparison




The benefits of using a high quality flat iron


You may have heard plenty about how flat irons can ruin your hair and the like, but the truth is that such things only happen if you are using a poor quality flat iron. If you are interested in getting nice beautiful hair, but you are afraid you might ruin it, the best advice is to get a high quality flat iron. There are many benefits to using such a device for hair care. For starters, you will be able to eliminate frizz, which is very important, since your hair will always look chic and perfectly cared for. Even women who are religious about their hair care routine, can vouch that a flat iron will work wonders for your hair, even under the direst circumstances.


Secondly, you will love the ability to play with different hairstyles. Curly hair may look awesome, but styling it can be a real pain. For this reason, some clever person thought about inventing the flat iron. No matter your hair type, you can find one that can deal with the specific problems of your particular type of hair. Whenever you feel like you could use a different hairstyle, you just need to grab your flat iron and start playing as you see fit.

A great thing about flat irons is that they do more than just straighten your hair. If you are reading any of the flat iron reviews 2018, you will notice right away that there are models that can make your hair curly or crimple it! And a subsequent benefit that not many think of is that you get to learn a lot about your hair. Since using a flat iron the correct way means knowing more about how to properly moisturize and blow dry, you will get to learn some solid hair care habits that will be with you forever.


Buying guide


The quest for the perfect flat iron sounds like a bit of a hassle for many women out there, no matter their hair type and length. There are simply so many technologies out there, that it is a bit daunting to identify the best flat iron 2018 has to offer just after making a few comparisons. This buying guide is aimed at making you familiar with the most important considerations to keep in mind when you are shopping for this kind of hair care device.


Hair type

One of the first things you should look at before reaching for your wallet is hair type. You should know that a lot of aspects depend on what kind of hair you have. For instance, if your hair is curly and thick, you should search for a flat iron that manages to adjust to higher temperatures, as these are needed to allow the heat to penetrate the hair follicles and straighten them up.

Professional flat irons are the most recommended because they can deal with any type of hair and they come with a wide range of temperature settings. If you are looking for the best flat iron for natural hair 2018 has in store, you will need to check professional models first. Medium thick hair that is not very curly is what is considered “normal” and this can benefit from professional and average flat irons alike. While it is not as resistant to straightening as curly hair is, this type of hair still has its quirks and needs proper attention. Last, but not least, fine hair is the type of hair that does not need higher temperature settings. Actually, to avoid burning your hair, it is highly recommended to use lower temperature settings. You will still be able to style your hair the way you want it to, but some extra care regarding heat levels is necessary.


Hair length

Besides your hair type, the length of your hair also plays an important role when choosing a flat iron. For instance, if you are searching for information on how to flat iron short hair, you will find that you will need a flat iron with smaller plate sizes, of about 1/4-1/2 inches. These smaller plates will ease the process of capturing strands of hair between them and straightening them. Hair that goes to shoulder length works well with plate sizes that go up to 2 inches. Always take into account your type of hair as plate size increases for thicker hair. The same rule applies for longer hair, and the larger the plate size, the faster the effects you will obtain with the flat iron.



This is where many women may feel at a loss. With so many different flat irons readily available on the market, making sense of everything that is written on the product description is not always easy. We will try to help you by offering you the much needed concise information on the technologies available for flat irons. Before going further, it is worth mentioning that these technologies have as main role to diminish the occurrence of hot spots on your hair that are practically responsible for burning your hair and damaging it. The rule of thumb is to pick a good quality flat iron, and usually such irons have one of the following technologies.

Ceramic is the most popular technology for flat irons right now. The technology has been in use for more than 20 years, and the results you can get with a flat iron with ceramic plates are pretty amazing. Ceramic has the ability to maintain heat and eliminates hot spots. Keep in mind to search for a model that has ceramic plates and not ceramic coated plates. The latter, while capable of getting the job done, tends to last less than those with plates that are entirely made of ceramic.

Tourmaline is another technology that has been making a bit of sensation lately. This is the name of a special type of gemstone that is finely ground and spread over the plates. The main advantage of tourmaline is that it keeps heat even for a long time. The great part is that you can use lower temperature settings if you have a flat iron with tourmaline technology.

The latest addition to this field is represented by flat irons with titanium plates. You may well know that metal plates are not exactly great for hair because they can heat up unevenly and cause hot spots. Titanium plates are a different matter, as titanium is superior in quality to any other metal used for heat retention and distribution. Nonetheless, if your goal is to find the best flat iron for fine hair 2018 has available, a titanium model may not be what you seek.



How often do you plan to use your flat iron? If you only want a flat iron for occasional use, investing in a professional model may not be the best idea. There are plenty of budget models available that offer decent results. Still, keep in mind that other aspects are important when you are shopping for a flat iron, your hair type and length being among them. Take all the important considerations into account, and choose a model that fits your budget. Essentially, the model you pick should be able to answer the question: what flat iron is best for your hair?



Top 5 Products


HSI Professional E038


1-hsi-professional-ceramic-tourmalineThis ceramic tourmaline unit is one of the best flat irons in 2018, at least judging by the critical acclaim it has garnered from buyers. It features an advanced infrared heat technology which makes it a top recommended choice for people with fine hair as they won’t damage it in any way.

The 360-degree swivel cord comes in handy because it can have a favorable impact on the overall item durability. It’s not unusual for a regular power cord to become damaged and thus render the entire flat iron unusable.

Straightening, flipping, and curling your hair has never been easier as the instruction manual is comprehensive and can allow you to learn all the steps you need to undertake to get the most out of this model.

The grip is easy to utilize as well, as it can let you have complete control over the movements you’ll perform. An argan oil leave-in treatment is provided in the box.

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Remington S5500


2-remington-s5500The S5500 is another notable option to give some thought to if you’re looking for an efficient way of curling or straightening your hair on a regular basis. After all, this model has gathered some of the best flat iron reviews in 2018, and many buyers rave about its capabilities.

It has been designed with the user in mind, in that it features 1-inch ceramic plates that can allow you to get the precision styling you’ve been looking for, but also protect your hair while doing so.

It’s important to note that sometimes, you might be on the run and you might not have enough time on your hands to curl your hair if the product fails to heat up quickly.

Fortunately, this is not the case of the Remington S5500 as it takes just thirty seconds for the plate to reach the perfect temperature. In case you accidentally leave the unit on, you can rest assured as it will turn itself off in a matter of 60 minutes.

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BaBylissPRO BABP9557


3-babylisspro-porcelainEven though it might be less budget-friendly compared to other models we have come across while prospecting the market, this BaBylissPRO is worth considering. On the one hand, this manufacturer is one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to developing top-notch products destined for personal care.

On the other hand, this flat iron features porcelain ceramic plates, which is why you’ll be able to style your hair without having to worry about getting it damaged. The heat-up and recovery process is practically instantaneous thanks to the ceramic heater.

The negative ions emitted by the porcelain components in the plates can smooth your hair and help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

What’s more, most of the people who have bought this model seem to have nothing but good things to say about the way it performs. The plate is wide and efficient and can smoothen your hair in a timely fashion.

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Infiniti Pro CS710R


4-infiniti-pro-by-conairNot all prospective buyers can benefit from a budget that can allow them to spend over fifty dollars on a flat iron. For these individuals, the Infiniti Pro CS710R is an excellent choice as it raises up to par under all circumstances, without any exceptions.

The oil-infused tourmaline ceramic technology used in the development process is reassuring because it can protect your hair from heat damage and complete the process as you should.

In addition, it should be noted that this model comes with thirty heat settings, which means that it can be utilized both on fine and on thick locks.

The maximum temperature that can be reached by the Infiniti Pro CS710R is 455 degrees Fahrenheit. An argan oil treatment is part of the deal with this product, so you needn’t worry about anything at all. Having gathered more than seven hundred favorable reviews, this model should be at the top of your list.

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Remington S9520


5-remington-s9520It’s a known fact that Remington makes some of the most affordable products in the line of personal care devices. The same rule applies in the case of this model, as it usually costs less than thirty-five dollars.

The neat thing about the S9520 is that it is primarily intended for long hair, and that is because it has been equipped with 2-inch plates. It goes without saying that using such wide plates on short hair is counterproductive.

The pearl ceramic technology that has been utilized in the construction process of the plates in this flat iron is truly unique, as it seems to have been created to go easy on one’s hair.

The ions are perfectly capable of giving your locks a smooth and shiny look in a timely manner. On the same note, you might want to know that it takes just fifteen seconds for this unit to heat its plates up.


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The best flat iron brands


BaByliss – with over 50 years of experience in creating hair beauty products, BaByliss is one of the incontestable leaders on the market for flat irons. Always in contact with beauty salons and famous hairstylists, BaByliss is permanently ahead the competition. Even more, the R&D team is constantly creating new trends by improving existing models and by bringing innovations to the world of hairstyling. Quality and performance recommend BaByliss and internationally, this is one of the most appreciated brands of flat irons. In Europe, BaByliss is the number one provider of hair care appliances, and sits on the same spot internationally, together with Conair, a company with which BaByliss merged in 1995.


HSI PROFESSIONAL – HSI PROFESSIONAL specializes in creating styling tools on par with those used by beauty salons, and their flat irons can often be seen in such places. The core customer base of this company is represented by 50,000 people living in 47 different countries all over the globe. The company offers a wide range of flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, hair care products and accessories and their blog is filled with information on hair styling and beauty. HSI PROFESSIONAL is known for taking customer feedback at face value and the improvements they bring to their products are often the result of this continuous communication.


Conair – this is another company with a long history in creating small appliances. By getting together with BaByliss in 1995, they managed to expand their range of professional products for hair care. The company even has a separated Hair Care Division with a focus on grooming and well-being oriented appliances. From their union with BaByliss, some really great and innovative products have emerged and right now only the best technologies are employed on their hair care products. You will find more common ceramic flat irons, as well as top of the line titanium models that are sweeping the market right now.


Remington – although Remington is better known for making grooming products for men, their range of hair care appliances is taking off, as well. Because of the high quality of the products they make, they have established as one of the most important brands on the market. Among their products, you will find hair dryers, flat irons, haircut kits, trimmers and many others. Part of a larger company that gathers under the same umbrella a large variety of brands, Remington is one of the names to keep in mind when you are shopping for a flat iron or another hair care appliance.


Frequent questions about flat irons


How to flat iron curly hair?

Many women wonder how to flat iron curly hair. The process is very simple and it will give you beautiful, straight hair in no time. First things first, you need to wash your hair and apply some smoothening conditioner, to prepare it well for the flat ironing process. After that, use a towel to dry your hair, but only just a bit, not until it is completely dried, but rather damp. This will help with blow drying your hair faster. When you are asking how to flat iron natural black hair, this is also an important step. Never use a flat iron on damp or wet hair, as you can end up burning it, instead of making it look better. When your hair is dry, section it and catch it with clips, so you can flat iron each section separately.

Choose a higher heat setting on your flat iron, since your hair is curly and needs some extra power to behave. Pick one strand, smooth it out as much as possible and keep it taut with your hand. Apply the flat iron starting from your roots and going towards the bottom in fluids moves. Repeat for each section and enjoy beautiful, straight hair!



How to flat iron short hair?

There are not so many differences as you may think between flat ironing your shoulder length or longer hair and your short hair. You are advised to pick the right flat iron for the job, and one with a smaller plate size is highly recommended. Since you have less hair to deal with than someone with longer hair, you do not need a large flat iron that will only get in the way. Although good quality flat irons will not damage your hair, it is important to pay close attention to hair care when you are undergoing any kind of heat treatment. Washing your hair thoroughly and conditioning it are important steps to undertake before using the flat iron.

Use a heat protectant product as these are designed to offer in depth conditioning to trap the natural moisture inside and prevent hair damage from happening. Split your hair into equal strands and start with your bangs, once your hair is blow dried. Go from the roots towards the ends in one sweeping move. If you must, repeat the procedure over more stubborn strands, but with the same care and consideration.


What flat iron is best for natural hair?

Natural hair, especially for African American women, tends to be thick and curly and straightening it is not exactly easy. Beauty salon treatments can cause damage over time and they can be pretty expensive, which is why some women shy away from doing so. Flat irons are a solid option because they can be used at home, without having to spend thousands of dollars yearly by regularly going to a beauty salon to have it straightened, each time it grows a little. The most recommended type of flat iron for natural hair is a professional model, because it comes equipped with the proper temperature settings to ensure that the necessary heat will be obtained to straighten thicker hair.

One reason why professional models are recommended is because they have the best technologies that make sure that no hot spots will develop while using the flat irons. These hot spots are responsible for damaging hair and this is an important issue when you want nothing but healthy, great looking hair. Other benefits associated with the use of good quality flat irons are maintaining the same hairstyle for a longer time, and making the hair look bouncy and full.


Does a flat iron damage hair?

This is a very important question. If you are getting a good quality product, the answer is ‘no’. However, you should know that flat irons use heat and heat can be damaging for your hair. The best way to ensure that your hair will be as healthy and great looking as you want is to get a flat iron with ceramic plates and stay away from those made entirely of metal.

Metal cannot heat up evenly and hot spots can appear, damaging your hair by burning it in places. Also, if you have fine hair, it is best to use the lowest temperature settings, and avoid adding too much heat. Many women wonder which flat iron is best for fine hair, and the answer is not always easy. Most hair care professional can tell you that many flat irons are great for fine hair, but only if you do not overdo it with the heat, and if you pick a model that has the plates made of a material that is known to prevent hot spots. Armed with this information, you will be able to select a model that works for you.


Do flat irons turn off automatically?

Do flat irons damage hair? That was the question that the above information tried to offer an answer for. But there are some other issues besides hair damaging that customers are interested in learning about before rushing to get a flat iron. One of these issues is: whether flat irons turn off automatically or not. Unfortunately, most models you can find on the market right now do not come with such a function, and you should first check the list of features written by the manufacturer. The best models come with an auto shut-off function, but you should make sure that the flat iron you are getting is capable of turning off itself, in case you forget to do that.

There are many women complaining about the fact that they tend to forget the flat iron they use still on, and leave the house, which may lead to accidents. Although the probability for that to happen, if the flat iron is not placed somewhere where other objects can catch fire, is rather slim, it is recommended to be better safe than sorry. Try finding a model with automatic shut-off if you know you are often faced with the probability of forgetting it on when leaving your home for work.


Does a flat iron cause hair loss?

Heat treatment can be pretty damaging for hair if used improperly and way too often. Using a flat iron falls into this category, but, if you avoid overusing such a hair care appliance, and if you follow all the steps for preventing your hair from being damaged by high temperatures, you will have nothing to worry about. While this is true about hair damage, not the same thing can be said about hair loss. According to the information available so far, there is no direct connection between hair loss and the use of a flat iron. So, the answer to the question above is that flat irons do not cause hair loss. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that flat irons should be used recklessly.

There is quite a lot of heat used for straightening hair, and temperature settings on professional models can go really high. The key to avoid any damage from these appliances is to take care of your hair by washing it thoroughly, conditioning it, and blow drying it before using the flat iron. As long as you do not overdo it, and you only use the flat iron properly, you will have nothing to worry about, and especially not about hair loss.


Which flat iron is best ceramic or titanium?

The last question commonly asked by women who want to purchase a flat iron is, as follows: should you buy a ceramic or a titanium flat iron? Ceramic is a great technology that makes sure you will not have to deal with hot spots, because ceramic heats up evenly and it distributes heat evenly. Flat irons with ceramic technology can maintain the necessary level of heat for straightening hair for a long time, and this is useful when you have a lot of hair to straighten. Women with long hair specifically benefit from ceramic flat irons.

Titanium flat irons, on the other hand, are considered top of the line and they are made by reputable manufacturers. Nonetheless, titanium is still a metal and no matter how great, it can still burn delicate hair. Those with thin hair are advised against using a flat iron made with titanium plates, as they may accidentally use a higher temperature setting and risk damaging their hair in the process.

Still, if you have thicker hair, you may find titanium models to be a really great option. They can heat up at higher temperatures and they can be used for straightening more stubborn strands of curly hair.



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