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By | October 10, 2016


How to Buy a New Flat Iron for Short Hair?


Short hair can be styled in many interesting ways, even if you may think that you do not have too much hair to work with. There are different hair care products that cater specifically to women with short hair, so, as you can see, the possibilities are endless. A flat iron can be a woman’s best friend for styling hair fast and easy, and without having to visit a beauty salon. We want to show you a few important considerations for purchasing the best flat iron for short hair in 2018.


Narrow plates are best

If you look at the vast variety of flat irons on the market, you will notice right away that there are models with larger plates and models with narrower plates. Those with narrow plates are specifically made to deal with short hair, no matter what type of hair you have, thin, thick, wavy or curly. The thing with narrow plates is that they provide a better grip for shorter hair, so you will be very efficient when styling your hair. A model with ¼ – ½ inch plates is highly recommended if your hair does not go longer than your shoulders.


Styling power

Short hair can be styled in various ways. Some women just want their hair straightened, while others prefer more liberty. That is why we recommend getting a model with more styling power, which means that it can also create curls and waves with great ease.



A few extras must be mentioned when you are shopping for a flat iron. The best flat iron reviews in 2018 recommend getting a model that uses that latest technologies that do not burn hair, act quickly and protect your hair against mishaps. An auto shut-off function is a good addition, too, as well as a longer electrical cord, so you can move around.



Top Flat Irons for Short Hair in 2018


The best flat irons for short hair are showcased below.



BaBylissPRO SB-187


1-babylisspro-nanoThis is considered by many buyers the best flat iron for natural hair, and since the vast majority of reviews point out at this model, we decided to include it on top of our list. First things first, this flat iron works like a charm for styling short hair, since its plates are only 1 inch in width, so you will have no troubles when dealing even with the shortest hairstyles.

You will simply love its efficiency and you will discover how easy it is to style your hair. This model comes with Nano Titanium technology, so you do not have to worry that you might burn your hair.

This technology ensures that the plates heat up fast, and that your flat iron is extremely efficient at delivering the results you want, without having to apply heat on your hair for prolonged periods of time.

Buy from for ($24.29)




MHD Professional Travel Size


2-mhd-professionalWhat’s not to like about this flat iron? Created for women who want to be able to style their hair even when they are away from home, this model is perfect for someone who travels a lot. Many even call it the best mini flat iron for short hair, because of its compact size.

Do not let yourself fooled by its small dimensions, though; this flat iron comes packed with all the important technologies for hair care you would expect in a professional model. The plates are made with tourmaline ceramic, so you will not experience the unpleasant effects of a flat iron that is so hot that it burns your hair.

On the contrary, moisture is locked in your cuticles, so your hair becomes silky and shiny. You can carry this flat iron in your purse, so if you are even in need of a small and fast touch up, you can quickly make use of it.

Buy from for ($39.99)




H2Pro Vivace PRofessional


3-h2pro-vivace-professionalIf you are looking for the best flat iron for curling short hair, you may also want to consider this model. Because it can reach a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it is ideal for all types of hair, including coarse thick hair.

The nano technology used makes sure that you will not risk burning your hair, which is extremely important if you want to keep your hair healthy and undamaged, while still being able to try out various hairstyles.

The plates are coated with three layers of ceramic, so the risk of hot spots is heavily reduced. The heater is also coated with ceramic, so you will be able to enjoy beautiful silky hair that does not get stripped of its natural moisture. You will love seeing yourself in the mirror and how shiny and smooth your hair looks like after using this flat iron.

Buy from for ($116.15)




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