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By | April 2, 2017


How to Buy a New Ceramic Flat Iron?


Ceramic flat irons have been all the rage for quite a while now, since this new technology has proved time and time again to be superior to previous ones in every way. While flat irons made only from metal are likely to cause hot spots and burn your hair, those that have their plates coated with ceramic or even made from solid ceramic, distribute heat more evenly and they are unlikely to damage your hair. We will now focus on the best traits ceramic flat irons should have and tell you all about how to get perfect stick straight tresses that all your friends will envy.

Why the best ceramic flat irons 2018 should have variable temperature

If you plan on getting a flat iron and you don’t know where to start, getting a ceramic model is the way to go, because you will be able to protect your hair against heat damage. Until the advent of ceramic flat irons, women had to be very careful about using only lower temperature models, for fear of losing their beautiful locks. However, if you are getting a ceramic model, you should forget about stressing about such things. The truth is that thicker, coarser hair needs higher temperatures in order to become straight and luscious. A ceramic flat iron with variable temperature will solve your conundrum by letting you choose the right temperature for your type of hair, without sacrificing efficiency and results.


Why plate size is important

When reading the specs on a flat iron, you will notice something being said about the size of the plates. Go for smaller plates if you have short hair, as these will help you get the job done faster; however, if your beautiful mane consists of long tresses, just waiting to be treated right with the help of a competent flat iron, go for a model with larger plates. This way, you will be able to go through all your hair, and obtain the results you are looking for, without a glitch.


Is a professional flat iron really necessary?

When it comes to selecting a flat iron, you will notice that there are many models on the market, and they come in all price ranges. You do not necessarily have to go for a professional model and spend hundreds of dollars to get the best results. The truth is you will find plenty of competitive flat irons with ceramic plates that will not cost you an arm and leg.

The best ceramic flat irons currently available are showcased below.



Top Ceramic Flat Irons in 2018


HSI Professional E038


Do you constantly suffer from frizzy hair that looks so unmanageable that not even a visit to the salon can cheer you up? Then the best solution for your troubles is a high quality flat iron like the HSI Professional E038. This model is a solid ceramic flat iron that manages heat in the best manner possible, while providing your hair with great protection and great results.

There is a strong reason why this flat iron is often called a styler, because this is what it does. Straightening unruly hair is just one thing it does and it does well; it can also flip and curl, with the same efficiency and the same great outcome.

The plates are made from solid ceramic tourmaline and the model comes with advanced infrared heat technology that contribute to distributing heat evenly, without the risk of creating hot spots that could burn your hair.

An added plus is the argan oil leave-in treatment it is sold with that contributes even more to turning your mane with beautiful hair, completely free of frizz and beaming with health. Because it can heat up to temperatures as low as 240F and as high as 400F, it can be used by women with different hair types without a problem.

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XARA Professional


Your hair will look silky and beautiful when you are using the XARA Professional. The MoistureLock technology used by this infrared flat iron is ideal for preserving the natural beauty of your hair. When you are using devices like blow dryers and flat irons, the biggest risk is that the generated heat can end up drying your hair too much.

The heat enters the cuticles and destroys the natural oils and moisture found in your hair. That is why your hair tends to look dull and dry when cared for too much. However, if you are using a high quality model like this one, you will not longer have to worry about a thing.

The best ceramic flat iron reviews 2018 agree that this is how you get beautiful hair that is shiny, silky and, on top of everything, healthy.

The heat setting vary between 250F and 450F, which means that no matter if your hair is fine or coarse, you will have no troubles getting it to behave, without fearing that your hair will get burned or damaged in any way. The plates are infused with ions, to eliminate static and frizz, so the flat iron will literally glide over your hair, without causing any damage.

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Remington S9600B T|Studio


There is no need to go to the salon for gorgeous locks that will make heads turn. The Remington S9600B T|Studio is exactly what you need. The floating plates are made with ceramic, a heat resistant material that distributes heat evenly, in order to eliminate hot spots, and, along with them, the risk of burning your hair.

The ceramic material used for the plates is infused with silk proteins that help this flat iron glide with even more ease over your tresses, straightening your hair and making it look simply perfect. Because of this particular technology, this model from Remington glides twice as fast when compared to standard models from the same company.

The high heat used by the flat iron is guaranteed to smoothen and straighten your hair fast and easy, which means that you will not have to spend a lot of time styling your hair.

Everything about this model spells quality and excellence and there is no wonder so many people consider it the best professional ceramic flat iron currently available on the market. The flat iron needs only 15 second to heat up, and the 455F temperature is bound to get salon like results.

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