Expert Reviews on Flat Irons for Curly Hair

By | October 10, 2016


How to Buy a New Flat Iron for Curly Hair?


Keeping in mind your type of hair is paramount when selecting a flat iron. If you have curly hair that is quick to tangle, you definitely need a professional flat iron because not just any model will do. We are here to help you select the best flat iron for curly hair in 2018 with a quick and to the point buying guide.


Plate size

Plate size is very important when you are browsing through various flat irons. In the case of curly hair, larger plate size is recommended, because you can deal with larger strands of hair one at a time. Curly hair is also more voluminous, so a model with thin plates will be tedious to use. Your hair length also plays a role, which is why it is recommended to get a larger plate size, up to 2 inches, for hair that is longer than your shoulders.



Various types of materials are used in flat irons these days. The best flat iron for thick curly hair should come with titanium plates, because this material is capable of providing intense heat so your curly hair gets straightened with ease. This material also protects your hair against burned spots, since it distributes heat evenly, and does not cause any accidents. Ceramic and tourmaline are fine, too, but they are not as efficient as titanium.



Another thing to keep in mind when you pick a flat iron for curly coarse hair is the highest temperature the flat iron can provide. The best flat iron reviews in 2018 recommend getting a model that can reach 380-410 degrees, for achieving the best results in the shortest time possible. This way, you will not risk burning your hair.



Top Flat Irons for Curly Hair in 2018


The best flat irons for curly hair are showcased below.



xtava Pro-Satin 


1-xtava-pro-satinSome women like their hair straight and shiny, while others prefer to have it curly and playful. The xtava Pro-Satin is capable of doing both, so if you are looking for the best flat iron to curl your hair, while having the freedom to straighten it when you feel like it, this is the model you should get.

This flat iron is equipped with infrared heat technology that basically uses heat but without risking to burn hair cuticles in the process.

This means that your hair will look shiny and beautiful, and it will be healthy at the same time. It is important to know that you can adjust the temperature on your flat iron for obtaining various effects; there are 10 different temperature settings that vary between 265-445 degrees Fahrenheit.

It takes the flat iron just 90 seconds to heat up and it also shuts off on its own, so you do not risk causing a fire.

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Bebella Premium Pro 


2-bebella-premium-proNo matter what kind of hairstyle you prefer, the Bebella Premium Pro will surely help you. You can use it for all hair types, not only for curly thick hair, which is a plus.

You can adjust the temperature as you see fit, and the maximum temperature goes as high as 500 degrees, which means that you will have no problem turning your curly hair into perfectly straight hair, with minimum effort. It takes only half a minute for this flat iron to heat up and you will be able to start styling your hair right away.

You will love how much volume and shine you can achieve with this great product from Bebella and you will never have a bad hair day again. Many buyers even consider it the best flat iron to curl hair, so you can successfully use it for any kind of results you want.

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Vokai Labs 


3-vokai-labs-ceramicA product coming from South Korea, a country known for their dedication to creating amazing beauty products, the Vokai Labs will deliver excellent results in the shortest time possible. This model uses ionic technology to reduce frizz and it is your best ally if you are looking for the best flat iron for curling, but you still haven’t set your eyes on a model, or you are dissatisfied with other options.

Your unruly hair will obey right away and you will be able to achieve the same look you would usually pay a lot of money for in a beauty salon. The plates are coated with ceramic for distributing heat uniformly and avoiding hot spots.

Your hair will look healthy and shiny, as this device is capable of protecting the natural moisture trapped in each hair cuticle. This flat iron comes with different temperature settings and auto shut-off function, to prevent accidents.

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