Expert Reviews on Flat Irons for Natural Hair

By | October 30, 2016


How to Buy a New Flat Iron for Natural Hair?


If you have natural hair and want to achieve today’s popular sleek looks but are worried about causing damage, a flat iron might be just what you need. Before you rush out and grab the first one you see there are a few aspects to consider and the following tips will make it easier for you to find the best flat iron for your natural hair.



The best flat iron reviews in 2018 recommend choosing one with ceramic plates. This ensures that moisture is locked to prevent any damage that can occur during styling. Some flat irons come with ceramic plates that are tourmaline coated and this helps to eliminate frizz so your locks are smooth and shiny.



When it comes to choosing the size of the plates it will depend on your hair. Wider plates work best with long or thick hair, while narrower ones are a good choice for shorter styles. Using the right size flat iron will not only allow you to finish a little faster, it will also make it easier for you to achieve the style you want.



Whether you are looking for the best flat iron for relaxed hair or natural curls it is important to make sure that it comes with the settings that you need. Almost all come with at least 3 settings for low, medium and high heat, and you can also find some with 10 or more.

A flat iron can make it easier for you to achieve the styles you love without damaging your hair, and it can even improve its look and appearance. While we can’t choose the right styling tool for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best flat iron for natural hair in 2018 showcased below.



Top flat irons for natural hair in 2018



Xtava Pro-Satin


1-xtava-pro-satinThis is often considered the best flat iron for natural thick hair and it’s not hard to see why. It comes with extra wide 2 inch plates that are ideal for use with long or thick locks, and since they are constructed from ceramic they won’t cause damage to your hair.

The infrared heating technology helps to smooth the cuticle, while locking moisture in. With 10 settings for heat it is easy to achieve the style you want. You also have the advantage of the “dual plates” which allows the flat iron to maintain a constant temperature.

You will appreciate how fast it heats up, in just 90 seconds, on hectic mornings. It also comes with an automatic “shut off” function, which is always a convenient. The 8 foot electrical cord ensures you have plenty of room to move around, and it also swivels 360 degrees so tangling is never a problem.

Buy from for ($59)




Conair Infiniti Pro


2-infiniti-proWith the 1 inch tourmaline coated ceramic plates you can smooth and straighten your hair without causing damage. Your hair will look healthy and shiny, with noticeably less frizz so you can easily achieve the sleek styles you love. According to some reviews, your locks will be up to 89 percent smoother with this flat iron than with other models.

The plates are designed to glide easily through your hair so you can finish faster. They are also 29 percent longer than those found on similar models which makes this flat iron a great choice for longer locks.

It comes with 30 temperature settings, and it can also heat up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit in only 15 seconds. It will even shut off automatically in case you forget.

Buy from for ($27.99)




MHD Professional MHD-016


3-mhd-professionalThe one inch plates are designed to glide smoothly through your hair so you can achieve the style you want without causing any damage. The plates use negative ions to dry your hair, while also locking in moisture so your locks are smooth and shiny. Thanks to the contoured edges on the plates you can even curl your hair.

Since this flat iron comes with three heat settings ranging from 248 to 446 degrees F you can find the perfect one for your hair type.

The long power cord ensures that you can easily move around, and since it is designed to swivel you don’t have to worry about it tangling. The Infiniti Pro even comes with a “sleep mode” in case you forget that you left it plugged in.

Buy from for ($26.99)




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