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By | April 18, 2017


How to Buy a New Flat Iron under $100?


Getting a high quality flat iron is not impossible. Actually, if you are looking through the models available on sale right now, you will notice that they will come in all price ranges. However, if you do not have so much time at your disposal to see what flat irons are the best and come at a decent price, you will find our buying guide useful. Here you will find what features any decent flat iron should have, and why you do not really have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good model.



The best flat iron reviews 2018 recommend taking hair type into consideration

In order to avoid all possible problems in regards to using a flat iron, you should first consider your hair type above everything else. If your hair is fine, delicate and breaks easily, you should by no means subject it to too high heat. A model that goes as low as 170F is what you should be looking for. For women with coarse thick hair, there are also plenty of solutions, but they need to look at model that can get as hot as 400F, if not more. This way, everyone is happy and you can style your hair without having to worry about a thing.


Choose good quality materials

It does not matter that the flat iron you want to purchase is cheaper than professional models. This does not mean that you should forget all about getting a flat iron made with good quality materials. Now, you can get a ceramic flat iron for only a fraction of the price that professional units come along with. Tourmaline is another good material that helps with delivering great results, and can be found on flat irons that do not cost a lot of money.


Extras are always nice

Now you know that your hair type and the materials used are important for getting a good and reliable flat iron. If possible, try getting more for your money, and check which inexpensive models also come with some extras. Some come with negative ion technology for taming frizz, others allow you to curl and flip your hair. With so many options available, it would be a shame to settle for a less competent flat iron.

The best flat irons under 100 currently available are showcased below.



Top Flat Irons under 100 in 2018


RUSK Engineering Heat Freak


The RUSK Engineering Heat Freak is a great choice for anyone who wants beautiful hair that shines and is completely frizz free. The best part is that this model is cheaper than professional flat irons you can see on the market, while providing very good and reliable performance.

Equipped with plates made with ceramic and tourmaline, a blend of materials meant to distribute heat evenly, this flat iron will help you style your hair the way you want to, without causing any damage to your tresses. The model works with the latest technologies for hair heat treatment in order to protect it against all kinds of mishaps.

The infrared heat manages to dry your hair only on its surface, preserving its natural moisture and oils intact. That is why your hair will sparkle with health and happiness and it will look better than any time before.

One of the best flat irons under 100 2018, this model is highly recommended for those who do not want to spend a small fortune on a hair styler, and do not wish to pay visits to the beauty salon too often. Even hairstylists agree that this is a great tool and don’t be surprised to see it used in beauty salons everywhere.

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Infiniti Pro by Conair 


Get your hair styled by your own hands at home with the help of the Infiniti Pro by Conair. A flat iron that comes on par with models used by professionals, this is the type of tool you should get for home use for the best possible results. The negative ion technology used serves for combating frizz, since the ions emitted by the flat iron neutralize static and make your hair behave.

There will be no more bad hair days, flyaways and naughty frizzy hair to deal with, and you will absolutely love the way you look. The ceramic plates are extra long, so you will be able to style larger patches of hair in one go.

This will save you a great deal of time and you will be pleased with the results. It will be just like going to the beauty salon, except you will not have to take money out of your pocket to pay somebody to style your hair for you.

Good flat irons for curly hair work with high temperatures, and this, again, is one of the pluses of this model. Reaching a temperature of 446F, this is one of the most capable flat irons on the market, and you can use it for all hair types.

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HSI Professional E038 


Misbehaving hair can be a real problem when you need to go out, attend a party or any other important events, and you have trouble making it stay in place. Now you can replace dry, dull and frizzy hair with a mane of gorgeous tresses, with the help of a flat iron that works as good as the units used by hairstylists.

You will love how fast the flat iron heats up, ready to be used. The ergonomic handle allows you to keep it in your hand in perfect comfort, so you can focus on nothing else but styling your hair.

The plates are made from ceramic and they do a great job at heating up fast, retaining heat and protecting the fragile cuticles in your hair that store natural moisture and oils, responsible for healthy good looking hair. Anyone can use this flat iron, regardless of their hair type.

It serves to know that you can do more than just straighten hair with the help of this flat iron; you can also flip it, curl it and obtain wonderful waves that will make you look and feel just like a celebrity. Its dual voltage compatibility brings it praises from the best travel flat iron reviews.

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