Expert Reviews on Tourmaline Flat Irons

By | April 22, 2017


How to Buy a Tourmaline New Flat Iron?


If you have heard the term tourmaline in association with flat irons and hairstyling, it happened because this new technology is more and more embraced by women everywhere, due to all its great advantages. While ceramic units are great to have and they are doing a pretty fine job, by adding tourmaline, which is a naturally occurring mineral with heat retaining properties, you get even more for your money. The best tourmaline flat irons 2018 need to offer a specific set of features and by reading our guide you will find out exactly what these are.

Heat up time and settings

When you are shopping for a flat iron made with tourmaline, what you need to check first is how long it takes the flat iron to heat up and what temperature settings are offered. These are all pretty straightforward features that are very useful and will give you a rough idea on how competitive the model you want to get really is. Opt for a unit that heats up fast, because that is a guarantee that you will be able to style your hair when you are in a hurry. Also, if there are several heat settings at your disposal, you will be able to pick the one that is right for your type of hair. Remember that you need to go for a lower temperature if your hair is fine and delicate, and for a higher temperature, if your hair is coarse and thick.


Tourmaline flat iron benefits include anti-frizz

One great thing about tourmaline flat irons is that they are doing a great job to combat frizz. These units excel at generating negative ions on their own, so that the static in your hair becomes a thing of the past, and you can freely enjoy frizz free hair. Flyaways and other similar problems are long forgotten and you will enjoy wonderful looking hair that people usually think only celebrities can have.



Don’t forget that, if you like what your flat iron is doing, you will want to use it frequently. This is where ergonomics come into play, since you will need a tool that is really easy to use. A model with an ergonomic handle and with a long cord to allow you to move around, and look at your hair in a mirror, is the most recommended for prolonged and frequent use.

The best tourmaline flat irons currently available are showcased below.



Top Tourmaline Flat Irons in 2018


HSI Professional E038 


The HSI Professional E038 is a flat iron with tourmaline plates that will totally turn around the way you style your hair. First of all, you will get to enjoy all the benefits of professional hairstyling without leaving your home and without having to pay a hairstylist.

No matter what type your hair is, fine or thick, coarse or delicate, it will start behaving like through magic. The ergonomic handle makes everything simple, and you can spend as much time as you want styling your hair without straining your hands, and, what’s more important, without risking to burn your hair.

The tourmaline plates are designed to heat up fast, maintain heat and distribute it evenly, so your hair does not have to suffer heat damage. Even more, the plates glide over your hair with ease, making it smooth and silky to the touch. This happens because of the source of your hair natural beauty will remain untouched, that being the natural moisture usually trapped in hair cuticles.

Excessive heat can make them dry and frail, but not when you are using this particular flat iron. Your thin delicate hair will receive the best treatment, while coarse hair gets enough heat power for the best styling results.

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Infiniti Pro by Conair 


The best tourmaline flat iron reviews 2018 never overlook the Infiniti Pro by Conair, a model that has all the traits of a professional flat iron, without coming with the same expensive price tag. The ceramic tourmaline plates are designed to heat up fast, retain heat and distribute it evenly over every strand of hair with the same care and consideration as your very own and personal hairstylist.

The use of tourmaline particles in the structure of the plates helps with eliminating the bad effects of static, such as flyaways and frizz. Your hair will look its best, and the best part is that you do not have to use any chemical treatments and the like.

What this great flat iron from Conair teaches users is that the beauty of their hair is locked inside it, down to its cuticles, and it must not depend on expensive conditioners and other hair care products. The natural luster of your hair will be retained, and you will enjoy healthy great looking hair with minimum effort.

There are many other things that this flat iron does well; for instance, its maximum temperature of 446F helps with styling hair that is coarser and usually more difficult to deal with.

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Revlon RVST2029CPK5


The last model on our short list of recommendations is the Revlon RVST2029CPK5, a tourmaline flat iron that offers all the needed features for styling your hair at home with wonderful results. The plates are made with ceramic and tourmaline for maximum heat power and zero hair damage.

What may convince you to consider this particular model is the fact that it comes with an extra mini flat iron that uses ½ inch plates. The latter is ideal for traveling or for making small corrections to your hairstyle when you are in a hurry. Except for their size, the two flat irons you will get for the same price sport the same great benefits and features.

You no longer have to worry about over-styling, as your tresses will look nothing short of amazing, just after using this model from Revlon for the first time. The heat will blast the unwanted moisture from the surface of your hair, leaving the natural moisture inside completely untouched.

If you have ever envies celebrities for their gorgeous hair, now it is the right time for discovering their secret. By using this flat iron, you will be looking as glamorous as they do, and you will never have a bad hair day again.

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